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  • Book Launch at COP22
  • Developing Green Climate Fund Projects
  • Book Launch at COP22

    Enhancing Adaptation to Climate Change in Developing Countries through Community Based Adaptation. Think Globally and Act Locally

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  • Developing Green Climate Fund Projects

    A preparatory course for the public and private sectors on Designing and Implementing Green Climate Fund Projects. The main aim of the course is to provide participants drawn from both public and private organisations with skills and understanding of the operations of the GCF, and how to develop competitive and fundable GCF project proposals supportive to the implementation of NDCs, in various sectors and contexts within the East African Community.

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  • African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) is a pioneering development research think tank on harnessing applications of science, technology and innovation policies for sustainable development in Africa. ACTS is an Intergovernmental organization founded in 1988 to pursue policy oriented research towards strengthening the capacity of African countries and institutions to harness science and technology for sustainable development. ACTS envisions a sustainable economic, social and environmental future for Africa, through science, technology and innovation.
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    The African Technopolitan Magazine
    May 2016 Issue - Volume 5
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    Enhancing Adaptation to Climate Change in Developing Countries through Community Based Adaptation.
    Book Cover || ACTS Press
    Exploring the agency of Africa in climate
    change negotiations: the case of REDD+
    ICT-driven projects for land governance
    in Kenya: disruption and e-government



    • "The future of Africa belongs to its youth. They have the numbers, intellect, creativity and energy to make it better for human well-being and ecosystem health. The African youth cannot afford to be complicit in the destruction of the future. They must exercise their intellect, energy and citizenship in the pursuit of sustainable development and action to combat climate change in Africa".
      Dr. Cosmas Ochieng Executive Director, ACTS.
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    The African Technopolitan is a biannual publication dedicated to the world of science, technology and development. It informs and provokes debate on critical issues in African development.