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Science Granting Councils Initiative (SGCI) in Africa - IDRC-DFID-NRF project

Science, technology and innovation landscapes across developing regions still suffer from a number of challenges including low capacities in research and research management. Science Granting Councils are central to funding and catalysing research and innovation across Africa. A 2014 scoping study supported by IDRC in 17 SSA countries underscored the increasingly important role of these intermediary actors in national science systems. However, that study also identified a set of interrelated challenges facing them, including limited capacity, inadequate funding, overlapping roles and poor coordination with other agencies, lack of appropriate legislations, and poor implementation of science and research funding policies. The SGCI will contribute to the strengthening of these science granting councils.

What will the impact be?

  • More effective research management practices among Science Granting Councils;
  • Increased use of STI indicators to design and monitor research programmes;
  • Increased knowledge transfer to the private sector; and,
  • Increasingly coordinated and networked Science Granting Councils.

Project Websitehttp://www.sgciafrica.org/